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Import Split Data

Use this integration to import traffic impression data from Split. Impressions are sent as events and mapped according to the configuration settings.

See more detailed instructions in the Split documentation.

Other Amplitude + Split integrations

This integration imports Split data into Amplitude. Amplitude offers other integrations with Split:

Amplitude setup

Copy your Amplitude project's API Key and secret. There are no other setup steps in Amplitude.

Split setup

  1. Go to Admin settings, click Integrations, select your workspace, and navigate to the marketplace.
  2. Find Amplitude and click Add.
  3. Select the environments from where you would like data sent and then select how you want to map Split traffic types to Amplitude identities. You can select either user_id or device_id.
  4. Split impressions are shown as get_treatment in Amplitude by default. You can customize this event name, with a limit of 1,024 characters.
  5. Paste your Amplitude API key and secret.
  6. Save your work.

After you save the configuration, you can send a test event from Split into Amplitude.

Repeat this process for every environment and traffic type you want to configure.

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