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Cohort Destinations Overview

Send Amplitude cohorts to other destinations in your stack with just a few clicks, using no-code cohort integrations.

Learn more about behavioral cohorts in the Help Center.


Keep these general considerations in mind when working with cohort destinations.

  • Some destinations support data centers outside of the US. For more info, refer to the documentation for the specific destination you want to use.
  • Hourly sync cohorts have a maximum of 1 million users.
  • Daily sync cohorts have a maximum of 10 million users.
  • If you archive an existing cohort sync, the next sync will fail and the scheduled sync will be disabled.
  • When you archive a cohort sync, the next sync fails and Amplitude disables any future scheduled syncs.
  • Allow traffic from the following IP addresses, based on your region:
    • Amplitude US IP addresses
    • Amplitude EU IP addresses


Individual destinations may have their own considerations. For best results, read each destination's documentation.

Cohort syncing destinations

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