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Amplitude gives your teams a self-service digital analytics platform to understand your users, drive conversions, and increase engagement, growth, and revenue. It helps you proactively improve data quality, discover new audiences, and sync behavioral data across your stack.

The Amplitude Developer Center has everything you need to instrument Amplitude. Get started by choosing a product or feature to learn more.

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  • Amplitude Analytics

    Amplitude Analytics lets you answer questions, make better decisions and drive outcomes with product analytics.

    See the Analytics docs

  • Amplitude Data

    Amplitude Data lets you capture, manage, and improve the quality of your customer and product data across Amplitude.

    See the Data docs

  • Amplitude Experiment

    Amplitude Experiment lets you deliver the best customer experience, powered by analytics and customer behavior.

    See the Experiment docs

  • APIs

    Extend Amplitude using the APIs.

    See the API references

  • SDKs

    Instrument Amplitude in your apps using the SDKs.

    See the SDK docs

  • More resources

    Explore more resources for Amplitude.