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Migrate to Ampli

If you already have analytics implemented in your product and want to migrate, Amplitude makes it easy to switch from your existing Analytics provider.


  • The context parameter isn't supported in Ampli. This was originally based on per Source Templates which is a deprecated feature. To add more data on each event you can do so by creating a Middleware that sets contextProp=true on all events.

    export const contextMiddleware:Middleware = (payload, next) => {
      payload.event.event_properties = {
        ...payload.event.event_properties,    contextProp: true,  };  next(payload);};
  • The validation parameter isn't supported in Ampli. Before, this flag enabled and disabled local schema validation in the SDK. The new Ampli SDKs no longer do local schema validation and instead rely on backend validation on Amplitude servers which you can view on the Event "sparklines" in the Events page in Data.

Migrate events

For example, if you're currently tracking events like:

analytics.track('Song Uploaded',{
  device: 'iOS'

After you import your tracking plan into Amplitude Data, this event becomes the following, with all the benefits of type-safety, linting, and data validation to make sure that your analytics are accurate and trustworthy.

  device: 'iOS'

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