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Iterable Event Streaming

This feature is in open beta

This feature is in open beta and is in active development.

Amplitude Data's Iterable integration lets you stream your Amplitude event data straight to Iterable with just a few clicks.

Other Amplitude + Iterable integrations

This integration streams Amplitude events to Iterable. Amplitude offers other integrations with Iterable:


  • You must have an Iterable account.
  • The user must exist within Iterable to send events. The Amplitude user_id must match an existing user in Iterable
  • Amplitude sends user_id, event_name, and created_at.



To configure an Event Streaming integration from Amplitude to Iterable, you need an Iterable API key with server-side access. Learn more in Iterable's documentation.

Amplitude setup

  1. In Amplitude, navigate to Data Destinations, then find Iterable - Event Stream.
  2. Enter a sync name, then click Create Sync.
  3. Click Edit, then paste your API Key.
  4. Use the Send events filter to select the events you want to send. You can send all events, but Amplitude recommends choosing the most important ones.
  5. When finished, enable the destination and save.