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Import Adjust Attribution Data

This integration combines Amplitude's analytics with Adjust's attribution tools into one unified system. Use this integration to share all user data in real-time and help non-technical team members see where your users are coming from, and identify your highest-performing sources.


This Adjust integration uses the Amplitude Attribution API to send data to Amplitude. Make sure you understand how the Attribution API works before setting up this integration.

About Adjust

Adjust combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics. Segment your users by Adjust parameters like ad group or network to see how engagement, conversion, and retention rates differ across ad channels.


  • Adjust uses the Attribution API, which means:
    • Attribution events are held for up to 72 hours for potential user matching. If a user didn't trigger an Amplitude event within 72 hours of the attribution event, Amplitude drops the attribution data.
    • Attribution is matched to Amplitude users or events via the Advertising ID (IDFA/IDFV or ADID). Make sure you are sending this ID with your Amplitude events. You must configure the Android SDK and iOS SDK to send this data. If you use JavaScript SDK, you must send the Advertising ID using HTTP API.
  • There can sometimes be a discrepancy between Adjust and Amplitude data. When a user doesn't trigger any events tracked by Amplitude within 72 hours, the linkage between the same user across both platforms may be temporarily affected. This may result in a lower event count in Amplitude when comparing to events in Adjust.
  • Amplitude removes the ADID information due to privacy concerns, so you see ADID = null when you send ADID. The attribution information is processed, but Amplitude strips the ADID before saving the event.

Set up and use the integration

You can find a complete set of instructions for implementing this integration in the Adjust documentation.

Still have questions? Ask them in the Community.