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Hotjar Event Streaming

Hotjar is a product experience insights tool that provides behavioral analytics and feedback data with users.


Hotjar plugin setup

A variant of an Amplitude Destination Plugin is required to forward events to Hotjar. Below is a template of a Destination Plugin tailored for Hotjar. It creates an instance of the Hotjar browser tracking code and forwards tracked events from Amplitude's SDK. This template is customizable for any needs.

import { BrowserConfig, DestinationPlugin, Event, PluginType, Result } from '@amplitude/analytics-types';
import { default as hj } from '@hotjar/browser';
export class HotjarPlugin implements DestinationPlugin {
  name = 'hotjar';
  type = PluginType.DESTINATION as const;
  siteId: number;
  hotjarVersion: number;

  constructor(siteId: number, hotjarVersion: number) {
    this.siteId = siteId;
    this.hotjarVersion = hotjarVersion;

  async setup(): Promise<void> {
    hj.init(this.siteId, this.hotjarVersion);

  async execute(event: Event): Promise<Result> {
    if (event.event_type === '$identify') {
      const { user_id, device_id, user_properties } = event;
      const hotjarId = user_id || device_id || '';
      hj.identify(hotjarId, user_properties || {});
    } else {
    return {
      code: 0,
      event: event,
      message: 'Event forwarded to Hotjar API',

Amplitude plugin usage

Inside the app's code, the plugin may then be imported and added to the Amplitude SDK instance.

import * as amplitude from '@amplitude/analytics-browser';
import { HotjarPlugin } from './HotjarPlugin';

amplitude.add(new HotjarPlugin(HOTJAR_SIDE_ID, HOTJAR_VERSION));

amplitude.logEvent('open app');

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