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Manage Personal Data with Osano

Osano is an easy-to-use data privacy platform that helps you keep your website compliant with laws such as GDPR and CCPA. Osano monitors all the vendors you share data with so you don't have to.

Osano connects to Amplitude via a one-click integration. Osano then discovers and automatically classifies the personal data stored in Amplitude. After discovery and classification are finished, you can include Amplitude in searches related to subject rights requests.


If you have any feedback to improve or suggestions around this documentation or integration, please contact Osano's support team


  • You need an Osano Enterprise plan to use this integration.


Amplitude setup

Copy the Amplitude API key and Secret Key for your project. There are no other setup steps in Amplitude.

Osano setup

  1. Log in to the Osano Portal.
  2. From the Data Discovery menu, open the Data Stores page.
  3. Click + to add a new data store.
  4. Click Connect to third-party vendors to enable automated data discovery.
  5. Select Amplitude from the dropdown menu.
  6. Paste the Amplitude API Key into the API Key field.
  7. Paste the Amplitude Secret Key into the Secret Key field.
  8. Select a Data Store Owner from the dropdown menu.
  9. Save when finished.

When you save, Amplitude and Osano immediately begin syncing to detect PII. Manage this information from Osano.

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