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Dynamic Configuration

Some Amplitude SDK versions (iOS 5.3.0+, Android 2.28.0+, JavaScript 8.9.0+, React Native, Unity, and Flutter) let you set your apps to use dynamic configuration.

Dynamic configuration finds the best Amplitude server URL based on app users' location.


  • If you have your own proxy server and use setServerUrl API, don't use dynamic configuration.
  • If you have users in Mainland China, Amplitude recommends that you use dynamic configuration.
  • By default, this feature is off. You must explicitly enable it to use it.

Use cases


Send users from different regions to the server for their region.

  s1: Dynamic Config Server
  cn_user: User in China
  us_user: User in United States
    s1 --> cn_user :
    s1 --> us_user :

Dynamically adjust server URLs

If a server URL becomes unreachable for some reason, Amplitude can change the address in the dynamic configuration server. This makes the ingestion endpoint dynamic, so you don't need to release a new version of your app.

  s1: Dynamic Config Server
  user: User
    s1 --> user : (new URL)
    s1 --> user : (broken URL)


Enable the useDynamicConfig flag.

[Amplitude instance].useDynamicConfig = YES;
amplitude.getInstance().init(euApiKey, null, {
  useDynamicConfig: true,

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